What is Conservation Framing

Conservation Quality Framing (CQF) is a method of picture framing designed to protect valuable artworks. CQF uses techniques that are easily reversible and materials that will not damage the artwork. Each type of artwork is unique and requires specific care. Our expertise in all aspects of CQF ensures that we always use the very best techniques and materials to preserve your artwork.

While CQF combines cutting edge technology with expert craftsmanship, we can still be limited by the fragility or inherent vice of an artwork. In some cases where artwork is showing signs of deterioration (such as foxing), treatment by our conservators may be required prior to CQF. External environmental factors (such as light and humidity) also need to be considered when choosing where to hang your valuable artworks. In some cases CQF is not suitable for artwork and archival storage may be more appropriate.

Decorator Standard Framing (DSF) is a method of framing that is designed to visually enhance artwork, but not preserve it. DSF should only be used on artwork that is not valuable, has no conservation requirements and is for decorative purposes only. It is a less expensive type of framing as it utilises lower quality materials & techniques that may not be reversible. Beautiful hand crafted frames and elaborate designs can still be used with DSF, but it is not designed for the long term preservation of your artwork.